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If you're a startup or business owner, reach out and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about my services.


I offer a range of UX Audits that are suitable for your needs and budget. The main difference between them is the depth of how your website or app is audited.

All UX Audits include recommendations and an in-depth report.

Mini includes:

Selected screens or areas.

Copy and design.

Semi includes:

Full website or app.

Copy or design.

Full includes:

Full website or app.

Copy and design.


With a Content Audit you can improve site navigation, remove unnecessary items, identify new content to add and, fix/update links.

Particularly useful for content heavy websites.

Content Audit includes:

Full website inventory.

Sitemap before and after the audit.


Report of findings.


A website review is great for small budgets and provides you with quick, actionable steps to improve your website.

Particularly useful for launching products, new and, small websites.

Website Review includes:

Top-level items across your site.

Best practices.


Summary of findings.


Service Design is broad and strategic. The entire environment of a service is considered, including stakeholder needs. It's great for improving current services and to develop and test new offerings before making large investments.

Hire me as part of your team or as an independent consultant.

Service Design includes:

Working with you and your team.

Research, ideation, and prototyping.

Facilitating workshops.

Recommendations and advice for implementation.