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Donna, founder of Under the Bonnet. A woman with below the shoulders, brown slightly wavy hair, brown eyes, fair skin tone, smiling.

A little more about me

I went back to Uni in my early 30s and challenged myself by choosing the design pathway on my Computing and IT degree.

This choice, combined with my years of experience working in business, serving the public through Local Government and helping people learn English as an EFL teacher, has made me a well-rounded and skilled person when it comes to understanding a problem and testing new ideas.

It’s also made me brave, take chances and be creative. From leaving the UK and hopping on a plane to go off and start an adventure, I’ve not looked back.

A B2B service that helps businesses grow by improving the user experience of their products and services.

That would be me, hey 👋

I’m Donna and I set up UTB to help businesses improve the user experience of their products and services.

Behind the scenes and looking at moments that matter is my thing. I excel in this area and decided to launch my own services so I can share my expertise.

I’ve worked with organisations from startups to large, global enterprises helping them across multiple platforms such as apps, websites or intranets to improve the experience for people using their products and services. New customers, happy and returning customers, increased revenue and growth have been only some of the results achieved with my help. 

I find it fascinating that tweaking something small such as the placement of a button, changing a word or reordering a menu can have such a big impact on sales, satisfaction and success.

As an avid follower and early adopter of tech, this is where I enjoy working, particularly in tech for good. Get in touch if you’re working in this area, I’d love to hear about your project!

Check out my services page for all the details on how I can help you.

I believe that what’s underneath matters meaning, I look at user flows, interactive areas, steps between tasks, research, analytics… to identify areas of opportunity along with providing recommendations and advice.

How do I do this? Defining your goals and target audience, carrying out any necessary research combined with a variety of methods and tools (design thinking, usability heuristics, service blueprints…) with a focus on human-centred design to discover areas to improve and iterate. 

I’m based in Barcelona and fairly flexible with where I work. I’m happy with remote working and open to travel depending on the restrictions and measurements in place. 

Considering the past couple of years we’ve just had, most likely we’ll be working together remotely. I’m comfortable using different communication channels such as video, Slack, email and so on and can adapt to how you and your team operate.

Are you open to new ideas and want creative solutions from someone who understands business and tech?

Reach out, I'd love to work with you and help make your goals a reality.