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Why every website needs a top-level review

Well, to start with at least.

Before we jump into the why let’s talk about the what. What does a review involve? It’s taking a look at different areas of your website such as:

• site navigation

• layout

• content and content design

• accessibility

and other aspects that align with your business goals. As a result, by looking at these areas you can see where to make improvements.

For example, let’s say you’re a new company and launching your product/products. You have a landing page or a small website to start with and your main goal is to gain traction and build up a customer base.

A top-level review measures your website against the main usability goals and objectives. Choosing these based on best practices and your business goals, so the outcomes are best suited to your website and products.

Now let’s look at the why.

Firstly, it’s great for checking the most important areas of your website. Secondly, you receive actionable recommendations and advice. And, moreover, a top-level review is a great starting point to improve your website. It is not as in-depth as a full UX audit but, it will identify the main areas that need attention.

Why do I need it?

You may be thinking that your page or site is great, it looks great, sounds great but is it effective? Can people find what they need easily and quickly? In short, you can be confident that the main areas and your objectives are being met. 

Top-level website reviews are good for startups and companies launching new products. Likewise, for those with small budgets who want an effective and quick result. 

Soon, I’ll be launching a guidebook that you can work through to help you look at some of the areas to improve on your website.

Meanwhile, you can download the infographic below. It’s a summary of the 7 ways you to your website that I cover in the guidebook.

What’s underneath matters


A thumbnail of the infographic 7 ways to improve your website. Showing the first 2 ways. A standout homepage and Summary tagline with short summaries and checkboxes to the left of the text.