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Spring clean your site

Spring is here and so was Digital Cleanup Day (about two weeks ago). It’s a day dedicated to taking out the digital trash. You take part by going through your smartphone and removing apps you no longer use. Also, getting rid of old accounts and emails, and reviewing your photos and videos. I had so many photos.

Next you turn your attention to your computer. Going through your files and deleting what you no longer need. Same with photos and videos. Do not forget about your mailboxes either. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read. Delete all those old, old emails lingering in folders. 

Why do any of this? Well, apart from feeling organised you also help reduce the amount of C02 produced. All those old files and emails you forgot about, they consume energy whilst sat there on a server and it all adds up. According to the site:

Each year the Internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of C02.

It was only recently when I sorted my mailboxes and I still found emails I’d forgotten about. It’s not only what’s on your devices though, what about your website? Does it have a lot of content?

Take a look at your site and ask yourself:

  • Does all the content on your site serve a purpose?
  • Is all your content up to date?
  • Is it easy to navigate your site?
  • Does everything work?

It may be time to spring clean your site.

A Content Audit will improve site navigation and usability. It will find any issues, for example, typos, broken links, and outdated content. Leaving you with a clean and organised site for your business.

It can seem like a chore and a big task but it’s worth it, and Under the Bonnet can help you. I’ll look at ALL your site content and break it down into relevant sections for your business. Check all links and buttons are working and will look at your site navigation. 

Get in touch to discuss this or any of my other services, or if you took part in Digital Cleanup Day!

What’s underneath matters.