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It's time to take inventory of your website

Hands up those who use their spare bedroom as a storage room/dumping ground? I do! Our spare room is quite small and while not in use, our intention was to have it as a cosy reading snook. That lasted about a month or so. 

Stuff kept getting added to the room. A pile of boxes, a bunch of old cables, books, the list goes on and on. The thought of sorting through it all kept getting pushed back and back and lower down the to do list.

With no one coming to visit due to COVID, we moved our coffee table in there to create more room in the living room during lockdown. Our once nice, cosy space soon became overrun with stuff.

Fast forward to December 2021. My sister and brother-in-law were coming to visit for Christmas. Sorting out the spare room climbed to the top of that to do list. 

We started making it part of our weekend plans to organise it. We took everything out and asked ourselves “do we really need this?” If we didn’t, we donated and took stuff to the recycling point. We created storage areas and got it ready for their arrival. At the time I kept thinking “why didn’t we do this ages ago?”

It was time consuming but worthwhile. We went through everything in the room and rediscovered stuff we’d forgotten about. We created extra space by donating and recycling what we no longer needed and it felt good. Decluttering, organising and removing unnecessary items gives you clarity.

Now think about your website. Especially if it’s content heavy.

  • How do you know all your content is still relevant for your audience?
  • Are you sure everything is up to date and working?
  • Are all your items functional and useful

At Under the Bonnet, with a content audit I give you clarity over your website. You’ll be able to further understand the structure and user flow. I document each item, uncovering any problems and identify areas to improve. Showing you how your website can be easier to navigate and serve its purpose. 

If you’d like to know more, you can read about content audits and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

What’s underneath matters.