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Strengthen the core of your website

Back in July I put my back out and the pain was horrendous. How did this happen? I ignored the warning signs my body gave me when my back started to hurt. I was doing too many things and pushed on regardless, thinking I knew what was best until one day it was too much strain. I ended up herniating my back.

Looking back I was trying to do it all. Thinking there would be no consequences and that everything I needed to do was vital and had to be done now. Putting my back out meant I had to stop everything. I was unable to follow up with contacts I’d made at a recent event and no networking before the summer break in August. My business was on hold. I mean, I struggled to even stand up, let along sit or walk.

Being productive is one thing but when you’re trying to spin too many plates all at once it’s never going to end well. Take some websites for example. There’s so much a company wants to to make sure they get across to people that they end up putting everything on there. This makes a site busy, overcomplicated and difficult to use. 

How many times have you landed on a site and you’re not sure where to start or what’s going on?

In the case of my back, recovery has been slow and I had to start with basic exercises to help build up my core strength. From that I’m now able to walk longer and carry out tasks relatively pain free.

It’s the same for websites. They should be easy to navigate and show the most useful information for their audience first. Not have overcomplicated pages or distract people from what they want to do. 

Do you understand the needs of your audience?
Have you carried out research into:

  • What people expect to find on your website?
  • What tasks do people want to complete on your website?
  • How do people feel when using your website?

Is your website useful?

  • Are people able to navigate smoothly?
  • Can people carry out tasks easily?

This is where I come in. With my services and expertise, I can help improve the experience of your website. By ensuring you’ve got your basics covered and aligning with your business objectives.

Get in touch if you’d like to continue the conversation or check my services.

What’s underneath matters.