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Aim for a Michelin Star website

For Christmas last year, we went to Girona with my sister and her husband. We’d decided to go for a meal on Christmas Eve/Noche Buena as it was my brother-in-law’s birthday.

We had a short list of places to choose from so we headed to their websites to check the menus. On most sites we were able to easily find the menus and navigate around.

One site though, was quite poor and we could not find the menus! It was highly frustrating and in the end we wrote the place off. This particular place lost out on potential business for not showing their menu. Or if they did, I couldn’t find it! (Poor site navigation is a major frustration).

It’s vital that restaurants show menus on their site. In an OpenTable survey, 93% of people look for this before deciding to book. They will also be looking to see how the place looks (for ambience), so it’s important to cater for your audience.

Is your website showing the information your visitors expect to find?

  • Do you have a good understanding of your customer’s needs?
  • Have you carried out user research?
  • What pain points are you addressing for your customers?

Is your website easy to navigate?

  • Simple and responsive menu
  • Clear messaging
  • Stand out CTAs

By looking under the bonnet, I can help develop a smooth experience of your website. Taking away frustrations your customer’s may have and building trust, loyalty and retention.

If you’re unsure about your website and customer connection, get in touch and let’s talk! You can also check out my services for more info.

What’s underneath matters.