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Fireproof your customer experience

Due to having too many appliances running at the same time, our power went out. This was about a month ago and when we put it back on, one socket had stopped working.

The electrician came out and thought it would be an easy 10 min job as it was only one socket. As he started to work though, he realised that underneath, all the wiring and connections were a mess. This was due to a bodged installation in the past.

It ended up being a five hour job! He told us we were very lucky our apartment had only lost power and not gone up in flames as the wiring was that bad!

Had the wiring been connected from the start, we wouldn’t have had all this happen or be at risk of a house fire. It’s vital to have the basics right so you don’t have bigger problems down the road.

Do you have the basics of your products and services in order?

  • knowledge of your target audience
  • your customer’s needs
  • understanding of user flows
  • customer journey

That’s my job and how I can help, to look under the bonnet at the fundamentals of your products and services. I do this via UX Audits, Reviews and Service Design to help improve the customer experience.

You can avoid fires and outages in your business if you have the wiring sorted. You’re also more likely to attract and convert your ideal paying customer.

If you’d like to find out more contact me and tell me your concerns, or check out my services.


What’s underneath matters.