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MWC Day 3 Recap

Final day (for me) round up

After all the startup innovation I came across yesterday, today I looked at what some of the other companies were working on. And caught some talks over at Cloud City.

Deloitte is planning to integrate venue technology into sports stadiums. They spoke about the three layers of tech stack:

• Tech infrastructure layer – the hardware, networking equipment, and software that powers the stadium and allows for in-stadium experiences.

• Enabling technology layer – tools, protocols, and data that the team gives to fans, partners, and sponsors to access core infrastructure.

• Experience layer – a combination of team-created and third-party experiences that are built on top of the platform. 

While they appreciate that a team is focused on delivering the best game experience for fans, third-party developers can be creative with access to the infrastructure. This could mean we see VR expanding in-game fan experience, AR displaying player and game data over the field/pitch, and much more.

model of a stadium with screen of data and the Deloitte representative pointing to the mode.

Model of a stadium showing the security monitoring

Deloitte was also at 4YFN focusing on the future of mobility, work, sustainability, health, and food.

With the theme this year, Connected Impact, I watched a demo by the Generalitat de Catalunya utilising 5G to connect you with an operations centre if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

The scenario was a fire at a textile factory, and smoke had spread across the area making it difficult for drivers to breathe. By pressing the SOS button, it connects you to an operator who can then take control and drive you to safety out of harm’s way.

male driver in demo car with big screen showing that he is connecting to the operations centre

connecting to the operations centre

male driver of demo car with hands in the air to show he Is not in control of the car. On the big screen, the operator controlling the car by joystick and operator, view of above to show clearly that the car is moving.

operator controlling the car

Hit the stage

Over at the Cube stage, I caught a fireside chat with Totogi’s CEO Danielle Royston and CTO Robin Langdon, talking about Totogi’s groundbreaking cloud-native charging engine.

Paying for what you need, when you need it, is something Telcos have been asking for and now it’s here, along with a free tier for smaller Telcos. With research into over 30,000 different plans that are out there, a lot of the old systems are built around voice and not data.

Today, data is the driver, and with Totogi building on the public cloud, it gives you virtually unlimited resources, especially with hardware, capacity, and scalability. Along with new services that are coming out, with Totogi you’re able to take advantage of those.

Cloud City is all about the public cloud driving innovation and disruption, and essentially we could see a lot more experimentation with features from Telcos.

John Furrier and Dave Vellante speaking to Danielle Royston and Robin Langdon sat down on stage.

L-R John Furrier, Dave Vellante, Danielle Royston, Robin Langdon on the Cube stage at Cloud City

If you’d like to see the keynote, interviews and fireside chats you can catch them at cloud city on demand

Wrap up

Again, although it’s half the usual size this year, MWC has not lacked innovation. Lots of 5G capabilities on show along with AI, VR, AR and XR. Big leaps in healthtech, biotech, fintech, mobility, and more! I personally really enjoyed 4YFN and the buzz of startups, some brilliant ideas out there.

Cloud City, for me, is one of the best areas to hang out for catching talks, networking, working, discovering different cloud vendors and grabbing a drink and a bite to eat. TelcoDR did a great job with what they envisioned for the space.

Next year MWC is back 28 Feb – 3 March and it’ll be interesting to see if it will remain hybrid as this year. Also, will those that pulled out this year be back? Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what innovative ideas will be on show, see you in 2022.